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Large scale retailers must meet their growing data bandwidth demands for increasingly automated transactions to data for inventory, pricing, billing and supply chain management applications. They are also continually challenged to reduce costs in highly competitive market segments while enhancing the customer experience.

Data Services for the Retail Industry

Our Ethernet Networking Services address the challenges in the retail industry by providing:
  • Connectivity for multiple store locations to a hub location for centralized Internet access, voice and secure intranet connections
  • Cost-effective solutions
  • High performance networking through Comcast’s enhanced fiber optic network
  • Backup and restore medical data between data centers for disaster recovery and business continuity planning
  • Scalable bandwidth from 1mbps to 10gbps
  • Flexible Class of Service options to meet different application performance requirements such as credit/debit card transaction processing, voice and video surveillance

Business Support

Our enterprise customers receive 24/7 priority business class support from an experienced dedicated local account team led by an enterprise account executive which consists of technical and service specialists. Additionally, services are monitored 24/7 by a dedicated national team through our business class network operations center (NOC).

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Retail Solutions: Data Services, Internet, and more

To provide an enjoyable experience to the customer, retailers need big data services to manage pricing, inventory, and more. Comcast Business offers a fiber optic network that supplies the Ethernet data services that retailers need.

Four-Time MEF Winner In 2014

Comcast Business was given prestigious awards by the Metro Ethernet Forum in 2014.
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