Ethernet Network Services

Ethernet Built For High Data Traffic.

Your company has locations all over the map, but needs to connect them as if they are all in the same building. Comcast Business Ethernet Network Services can seamlessly network you with 10Mbps, 100Mbps, 1Gbps or 10Gbps Ethernet User-to-Network Interfaces (UNI) that are Certified MEF Compliant.

Why Comcast Ethernet Network Service?

Ethernet Network Service enables customers to connect physically distributed locations across a Metropolitan Area Network (MAN) as if they are on the same Local Area Network (LAN). The service provides Virtual Local Area Network (VLAN) transparency and enables customers to implement their own VLANs without coordination with Comcast. It’s also a cost-effective alternative to traditional hub and spoke network topologies, offering a more flexible and scalable network solution.

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How It Works

Connecting each of your locations’ premise equipment (switch or router) to a Comcast switch and your data, voice and video will become connected and all your important information can be transferred.


Sites can send traffic to, (and receive traffic from), any other site within the network through a single Ethernet interface.

VLAN Transparency

VLAN configurations can be changed within the network without the need to coordinate with Comcast.

Flexible, Fully Scalable Solutions

Available in 3 Class of Service (CoS) options, with symmetrical dedicated bandwidth configurable from 1Mbps to 10Gbps.

Safe, Secure Connection

Transfer data safely and securely over our network, where your traffic is masked with a unique customer ID.

Web-Based Reporting

Connectivity statistics are available for the previous day, seven-day or thirty-day period, and can be viewed through a secure web portal.

Comcast Business Support

Our Enterprise customers receive 24/7 priority Comcast Business support from an experienced dedicated local account team led by an Enterprise Account Executive which consists of technical and service specialists. Additionally, services are monitored 24/7 by a dedicated national team through our Network Operations Center (NOC).

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SOC2 Certification ‚Äč

Comcast Business Ethernet service meets SOC2 standards for availability, processing integrity and security.
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Consistently Exceed Expectations

Comcast Business is committed to delivering on the promise of providing customers the most reliable data, voice, and TV service.
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Four-Time MEF Winner In 2014

Comcast Business was given prestigious awards by the Metro Ethernet Forum in 2014.
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Ethernet Network Service

If your business needs reliable access to data, read more about the Ethernet Network Service from Comcast Business.