Comcast Business Signature Support is Being Discontinued.

What You Should Know:

Comcast Business Signature Support is a premium, fee-based tech support service for Comcast Business Internet customers that includes cloud-based data backup. Some plans also include warranty coverage.
While we continue to offer a wide range of services to meet our customers’ needs, Comcast Business has decided to discontinue Signature Support effective March 31, 2014.


Frequently Asked Questions regarding this change:

If I’m an existing Comcast Business Signature Support customer, when will my service end?
Your service and support will continue until March 31, 2014.


If I have warranty coverage, when is the latest date by which I can file a claim?
Any warranty claims must be filed by April 30, 2014 (please note: businesses in Florida have until June 30, 2014 to file a warranty claim). To file a claim or ask any questions regarding your warranty, call 855-448-7298.


What happens to my cloud-based data backup available under my Signature Support plan?
You will need to find an alternative backup solution before March 31, 2014.  After that date, any files stored in the Signature Support cloud backup solution will be deleted and no longer available.


Do I need to cancel my Signature Support subscription?
No action is required on your part. Your subscription will automatically terminate, and you will no longer be billed for this service as of March 31, 2014.


Will this change affect any of my other Comcast Business services?
No. Your other Comcast Business services will not be impacted by this change.


If I wish to find services similar to my Signature Support plan, who can I call?
If you are interested in other business IT support options, we suggest that you contact, a provider of technology support for businesses, at 888-720-5798.