Cobb County Selects Comcast Business Ethernet to Connect 34 Sites for Improved Access to Information and Services for Residents

The ethernet network provides reliable internet access and multi-point service to connect parks, pool, tennis, golf and other recreational facilities on one network to accelerate operations.

ATLANTA, GA. - July 11, 2018 - Comcast Business today announced that Georgia’s Cobb County Parks, Recreation and Cultural Affairs Department has selected Comcast’s Business Ethernet services to provide a high-performance network connecting 34 of its community facilities over fiber and coax networks. Comcast will enable Cobb County to improve online access for residents to information about its facilities and programs, ease registrations and other transactions, and provide staff with better access to various business applications. The new network will also enable Cobb County to begin offering Wi-Fi services at its facilities.

With over 700,000 residents, Cobb County is the fourth most populous county in Georgia. The county’s Parks, Recreation and Cultural Affairs Department has hundreds of thousands of residents registering to gain access to various facilities, which includes parks, a golf course, tennis centers, civic centers, aquatic centers, and more. Whether it’s families registering their children for various sports leagues, summer camps, art classes and tennis lessons, or staff accessing transactional data, the network plays a key role in connecting residents and staff to information.

Often times, Cobb County’s staff had experienced increasingly slow network performance during transactions with residents, and the internal time management software and registration system did not function adequately. Moreover, implementing new services such as upgrading the phone system with Voice Over IP (VoIP) or providing Wi-Fi access was inconceivable without a faster network. To address these issues, Cobb County replaced its legacy 128 kilobits per second (Kbps) DSL lines with 8 Megabits per second (Mbps) Ethernet Virtual Private Lines over Hybrid Fiber/Coax from Comcast to each of its 34 locations. In addition, Cobb County selected a fiber-based 100 Mbps Ethernet Dedicated Internet service to its data center, which houses a majority of Cobb County’s business applications, including its courts case management, tax, finance, asset management, human resources, and parks registration systems, as well as email and the VoIP phone system.

"With Comcast Business we now have private, dedicated service for multiple sites spread across a large geographic area," said Ed Biggs, division manager, Technical Operations/GIS Division, Cobb County Information Services Department. "We are not only able to expand our offerings for residents and improve their experience, but our staff can perform their jobs better using a high-performance network."

With the dedicated performance of Comcast’s Ethernet services, Cobb County is able to bring additional convenience to residents and staff by offering Wi-Fi access at its facilities. The new Wi-Fi capabilities allow residents to stay connected during community events, such as baseball or soccer tournaments, and helps staff be more mobile.

"For multi-site organizations like Cobb County’s Parks, Recreation and Cultural Affairs Department, Comcast’s Ethernet service is ideal because it is reliable and more flexible than legacy DSL and T1 lines, and provides dedicated bandwidth levels and can reach more locations through our extensive hybrid fiber/coax footprint," said Cleve Lewis, vice president, Comcast Business. "Today’s digital age requires organizations to provide patrons and staff with a high-performance, reliable network to easily access information and conduct business."