Leading Washington State Recycling Company Seamlessly Expands Environmental Services Footprint with Comcast Business Partnership

SD-WAN solution from Comcast Business helps network growth, security and management as recycling company acquires new locations

BOTHELL, WASHINGTON – APRIL 13, 2023 – DTG Recycle (DTG) has announced that, with the support of SD-WAN on the ActiveCoreSM SDN Platform from Comcast Business, the company has successfully grown from a small business into an enterprise-level business, and is now poised to bring its services across the Greater Pacific Northwest.

“Once Comcast Business came in, I could see the entire scope of our network and I felt confident that if there was ever a problem, I had the network management capabilities and support from their team to help resolve it,” said John Clausen, Director of IT at DTG.

DTG, Washington state’s leading independent vertically integrated non-MSW recycling business, is rapidly expanding its operations across the Pacific Northwest region. The company is currently acquiring new recycling businesses to grow its overall reach and was recently acquired by a fund managed by Macquarie Asset Management, which will further the recycling company’s growth capabilities.

The rapid growth has elevated DTG from a small business with a few dozen employees to an enterprise-level company with nearly one thousand employees. Clausen also anticipates customer demand will also rise with DTG’s growth, expecting call volumes will double from 10,000 calls per month to 20,000.

With this business growth came an increased demand on DTG’s backend network. A majority of DTG’s operations are cloud-based, with documents and payments being handled electronically. Not only would Clausen and his IT team need reliable service and security features for the various network underlays at each of the company’s locations, they would also need a solution that made it easy for the small team to monitor and manage DTG’s growing footprint.

DTG partnered with Comcast Business to help keep their backend network operations nimble. With SD-WAN on the ActiveCoreSM SDN Platform, DTG has real-time visibility into its expanding network presence as well as unified threat management tools that help the company respond to network security breaches quickly. The Comcast Business solution also helps to ensure that new acquisitions are onboarded to the DTG network quickly and efficiently. Plus, Comcast Business engineers also monitor the company’s network and provide on-demand support in instances of network threats or outages.

“It is essential that businesses looking to grow their operations have in place technology solutions that can simplify IT resource management, so that leaders can be better focused on innovating and ensuring their businesses remain agile,” said Rob Brenner, vice president of Comcast Business for Comcast’s Pacific Northwest Region. “Our partnership with DTG is a testament to the growth potential of all small businesses, and the impact that a secure, centralized network control solution can have.”

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About DTG Recycle
DTG Recycle is the largest recycler of construction, demolition, industrial, and manufacturing waste in the Pacific Northwest. We strive for a zero-waste future by collecting, transporting, processing, and manufacturing waste into innovative end products from recovered materials. With a diversified collection and transportation fleet, we provide unique, convenient recycling methods and the industry’s best customer service. We are Customer Focused, Planet Obsessed. Learn more at https://www.dtgrecycle.com.

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