Big Data for Healthcare: Don't Forget the Basics

October 10, 2016

In a recent webinar, Tina Esposito, Vice President of the Center for Health Information Services at Advocate Health Care, shared how healthcare IT leaders can push the boundaries of innovation, technology, and data. Healthcare leaders must not lose sight of the fundamental principles that ensure big data continues to produce the desired results. Watch the archived session below to learn about:

  • Aligning big data efforts with business and clinical priorities to ensure value-driven work. This alignment is the key to realizing real measurable outcomes.
  • Using big data to achieve a true patient-centered approach. The move to population health has created a realignment of data by patient, and this is a necessary first step toward patient engagement.
  • Acquiring the workflow-friendly resources that help clinical staff translate data into viable insights and interventions.
  • Measuring the impact of big data initiatives by more than just a c-statistic. The definition of success needs to expand to include real gains of efforts to the organization, patient, and clinician.

Healthcare IT leaders push the boundaries of innovation, technology, and data

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