Building Talent for Long-Term Needs

November 07, 2016

Once your company’s potential for growth is constrained by your own capacity to get more done, it’s time to consider the best strategies for expanding the team. Hiring isn’t the only solution—you can also look at outsourcing options and investigate additional support services from your existing vendors and business partners. But when it’s time to hire, it makes sense to consider these initial issues:

  • Making the decision to recruit is half the battle. Once you acknowledge the need for support, you must define the role you’re creating and determine its place in your overall operations. Avoid thinking in terms of tasks rather than goals. Manage outcomes, not activities.
  • Talent acquisition is just as important as client acquisition. Just as you wouldn’t expect to land a new account simply by handing the prospect a product sheet, you won’t intrigue the best candidates simply by posting a list of responsibilities and requirements. When preparing job postings, speak to candidates directly, not in the third person.
  • Actively pursue recruitment. Posting your job listing is just one step in the process. Get the word out through your in-person and social media networks. Use “stealth recruiting” tactics, such as hosting an in-store or on-site event that’s designed to attract the kinds of people you’d like to hire.

Overall, your recruiting message should reflect that you’re not searching for someone who wants to be just another cog in the machine. You want people who actually want to help build the machine. A compelling story and interesting opportunity may spark interest in working with you even among people who are not active job-seekers.

Read the first in our series of Connections to Growth: Team guides, Putting the Right Team in Place, to learn how hiring the right people can spur your business’s growth.

If you’ve reached a new phase in your company’s growth, it’s time to hire.

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