Network and Application Optimization: Taking a Deeper Dive

March 10, 2020

Business requirements for bandwidth and private network solutions are exploding. Data costs are falling, making access to advanced connectivity solutions easier than ever. In fact, according to a recent Internet & Television Association report, data cost was $9.01 per Mbps in 2008 vs. $0.76 in 2018. With scalability so inexpensive, investments will undoubtedly grow. But where should the priority lie? Is it about network optimization or application optimization? Or is it both?

Taken together, underlying dedicated and shared point-to-point, point-to-multi-point, and meshed technologies, along with the WAN technologies such as SD-WAN, IPsec VPN, and MPLS VPN, can all have a positive impact on your network and your business. They are all part of a strategic approach to optimizing the network and supporting and balancing the demands of multiple applications.

In this webinar, our expert panelists discuss the value of these underlying network technologies working individually and in concert.

You’ll discover how hybrid networks:

  • Optimize resource allocation, detect and respond to service degradation and support application routing

  • Maximize always-on, real-time network monitoring

  • Handle increasing network traffic and low-latency applications

  • Spur actionable insights

  • Manage end-point traffic and application routing

  • Operate in a range of use cases, including high-availability architectures and connectivity to private and public clouds

Our panelists:

  • Jody Hagemann, Senior Director—Product Management, Comcast Business.

  • Michael Fratto, Senior Analyst, Applied Infrastructure and Dev Ops, 451 Research.

Webinar discussing the value of strategically optimizing your network and applications.

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