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We're installing new fiber in your area

If you've recently received a notice about our upcoming work in your area, you can expect service interruptions for a period of time on the day we install new fiber. We know interruptions are inconvenient for you and your customers, and we appreciate your patience as we make these improvements.

Stay on top of service interruptions

Our work may affect your service connection for several hours. While your service is down, visit My Account to sign up to receive a real-time text alert letting you know when your service is fully restored.

Service Interruptions: How to Prepare

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Search for a free Xfinity WiFi hotspot in your network list. Look for the “xfinitywifi” network and connect using your My Account username and password.

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Set up Call Forwarding to keep your business connected. We offer a number of options, and we'll help you select the right one for your business.
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Reset your set-top box(es) once service is restored.
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During a service interruption, cameras will stop recording; however, you can still access recorded footage up to that point through your SmartOffice Portal or SmartOffice app. Once services are restored, the cameras will start recording again.

Update your equipment for better service

Some of your equipment may not be compatible with our new fiber. To learn more or order new equipment, call (800) 391-3000.

How will your business be impacted?