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Launch your app-centric future with SD-WAN. Our SD-WAN Analysis Tool shows you how this virtualized network function (VNF) can help achieve key business outcomes.

Optimized control

Point… click… deploy. It’s that easy to apply network policy changes site-wide, in real time.

Migration peace of mind

Leverage the skill of our technical specialists for simpler, more efficient WAN installation.


Take advantage of network failover options and cellular backup.

SD-WAN goes Beyond Fast — to thousands of sites

Imagine monitoring network health by viewing your entire infrastructure — whether several sites or thousands — on a single screen. Or with a simple voice command. That’s SD-WAN, delivered on our next-gen ActiveCoreSM SDN platform. With an easy-to-use portal, mobile app, or voice-enabled device, it streamlines monitoring and management of your network out to the edge.

SD-WAN’s control layer lets your enterprise do more. Like connect branch offices and remote sites, centralize management, decrease provisioning times, and better manage traffic. And with its ability to unify service delivery enterprise-wide, paired with the option to add broadband to existing MPLS links, SD-WAN helps you maintain performance while you keep an eye on costs.


network diagram showing a headquarters data center connected to branch 1 through our SD-WAN secure VPN and to branch 2 via an existing MPLS connection

Bringing intelligence and agility to your network

Administrators can set up dynamic policies that direct traffic over the best path based on application priority and connection status. Traffic routing can failover to another link — automatically and dynamically — to meet shifting demands on capacity and application performance. 

The payoff? Your network is able to support more users with more devices using more applications across the entire enterprise.

Size, scale, and support

Count on Comcast to go above and beyond.

  • Project planning and support from dedicated teams of sales engineers, solution architects, and technical specialists 

  • High-performance infrastructure with first-mile to last-mile coverage on the nation’s largest Gig-speed network

  • Enterprise-grade SLAs, backed by our commitment to network availability and response time

Advantages for your enterprise

Better visibility and control of enterprise network performance from a solution that’s easy to operate and maintain.

Centralized network policy management
  • Make changes across multiple sites quickly with a single click.
  • Create templates for sites sharing routing policies, so changes can be remotely pushed to all of them at once.
  • Run the network and applications locally.
Network flexibility
  • Allow for up to 4 underlays.
  • Maintain business continuity with 4G cellular backup up to 8 hours.
Application-aware routing
  • Create dynamic policies to direct traffic over the optimal path.
  • Enable automatic failover.
Enhanced security
  • Get an integrated VPN (virtual private network) and stateful firewall.
  • Distinguish between legitimate and malicious traffic through context awareness.
Cost-efficient connectivity
  • Connect via lower-cost-per-megabit broadband.
Reporting and analytics
  • Obtain greater network visibility with detailed reporting. 
  • Empower IT teams with application intelligence and predictive analytics.
Open-system flexibility
  • Delivered via universal customer premises equipment (CPE).
  • Enable integration of multi-vendor technologies, to scale new applications.
Traffic replication
  • Potential to maintain voice and video calls if there is an impairment to the network.
Competitive pricing
  • Pay one rate for SD-WAN service per site.

Big dividends from a simple solution

Companies that have already taken the SD-WAN plunge are realizing benefits beyond their expectations.

Source: IDG, Q2 Tech Pulse, 2019

82% shorter than expected
80% improved over previous generation
80% improvement

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