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SD-WAN on ActiveCorePlatform

Move into your app-centric future with an SD-WAN Analysis tool. Help achieve your business goals with the help of this virtualized network function (VNF).

Optimized control

High-touch customer experience including monitoring, maintenance, and management.

Omni-channel Digital Experience 

Gain valuable insights into your network performance on a single management console.

Advanced Security Solutions

Add on software- or cloud-based cybersecurity solutions to your advanced SD-WAN network.

SD-WAN management —your way

Our dedicated technical team is here to help. With Advanced and Standard SD-WAN Management options, you can get a tailored solution for your daily business needs. With our SD-WAN solutions, you can rest assured that you’ll get experienced support, professional design, and network assessments.

network diagram showing a headquarters data center connected to branch 1 through our SD-WAN secure VPN and to branch 2 via an existing MPLS connection

Solutions based on your needs

Advanced SD-WAN Management

Our full-spectrum program is delivered on the ActiveCoreSM platform. This hands-on solution is ideal for companies who outsource or need help freeing up IT teams, giving you more freedom to focus on other areas of your business. Our end-to-end services include:  

  • Network configuration with Solution Architects 
  • A single Project Management partner
  • Realtime order and network updates
  • Installation validation
  • Access to Digital Experience – Portal and Mobile
  • SD-WAN portal set-up, training, and resources 
  • Proactive monitoring, alarming, ticket creation, and remediation
  • Equipment replacement SLA – 24x7x4 (On-Net) 8X5XNBD (Off-Net)
  • MAC SLOs (simple/complex) – 30 minutes/12 hours
  • Customer birth certificate
  • 30 days curation period
  • Option to add Advanced Security solutions from partners in Versa Networks or Palo Alto Networks
  • Bi-annual network consultation and access to SD-WAN experts (post installation)
  • Browse ActiveCore Support documents 24/7, including the Advanced SD-WAN Service: What to Expect guide.

Standard SD-WAN Management

For those who rely less on outsourced IT and only want periodic consultation support, Standard SD-WAN Management on the ActiveCoreSM platform delivers all the flexibility, visibility, and control you need, including:

  • Network configuration with Solutions Architects
  • A single Project Management partner
  • Real time order and network updates via DX
  • Installation validation
  • Access to Digital Experience – Portal and Mobile
  • SD-WAN setup, training, and resources
  • Proactive monitoring, alarming, ticket creation and remediation
  • Equipment replacement SLA – 24x7x4 (On-Net) 8X5XNBD (Off-Net)
  • MAC SLOs (Simple/Complex) – 4 hours/48 hours
  • Browse ActiveCore Support documents 24/7, including the Standard SD-WAN Service: What to Expect guide.

One solution, tons of opportunities

With a solution that’s easy to operate and maintain, you’ll gain more visibility and control of your network.

Centralized network policy management
  • Make changes across multiple sites quickly with a single click.
  • Create templates for sites sharing routing policies, so changes can be remotely pushed to all of them at once.
  • Run the network and applications locally.
  • Monitor your network performance via your desktop, mobile or voice-activated device.
Network flexibility
  • Allow up to 4 underlays.  
  • Help protect against network downtime with 4G LTE backup. 
Application-aware routing
  • Create dynamic policies to direct traffic over the optimal path.
  • Enable automatic failover.
Security Solutions
  • Traffic encrypted VPN (virtual private network).
  • Stateful firewall to distinguish between legitimate and malicious traffic. 
Cost-efficient connectivity
  • Connect via lower-cost-per-megabit broadband.
  • Bandwidth aggregation.
Reporting and analytics
  • Obtain greater network visibility with detailed reporting.
  • Empower IT teams with application intelligence and predictive analytics.
Open-system flexibility
  • Delivered via universal customer premises equipment (CPE).
  • Enable integration of multi-vendor technologies, to scale new applications.
Competitive pricing
  • Pay one rate for SD-WAN service per site.
Advanced Security options
  • Unified Security is a software-based security solution provided by Versa Networks. 
  • Unified Secure Access is a cloud-based security solution provided by Palo Alto Networks. 
  • Both solutions are available with Advanced SD-WAN.

Safeguarding your network

We offer a variety of solutions to help you keep your network safe.

Network segmentation

Securely segments network functions from all other traffic

Combines with 3rd party security solutions

Our SD-WAN works with advanced 3rd party solutions like CPE native, VNFs, the Cloud, and more

Built-in firewall

L3/L4 stateful firewall

Monitoring and reporting

View your network from any device, anywhere

Comcast Business DDoS

Comcast Business Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Internet helps detect, block and mitigate distributed denial of service attack traffic

A simple solution with big benefits

Companies that have already taken the SD-WAN plunge are seeing benefits beyond their expectations.

Source: IDG, Q2 Tech Pulse, 2019

82%shorter than expected
80%improved over previous generation

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