An end-to-end telephone solution for locations across your enterprise, our fully featured Managed Voice service:

  • Supports a variety of phone models
  • Uses advanced VoIP technology
  • Covers your needs from equipment and installation to monitoring and control

As part of our full Managed Solutions portfolio, it helps you better manage your distributed network and keep costs in check.


Comcast Business is highly experienced in the domain of LAN integration and telephony installations for large, distributed enterprises. Through robust solution offerings, Comcast Business can deliver an end to end experience from service design to on-site installation. With a uniform service across all locations and a single partner to manage your business lines, Managed Voice empowers today’s digitally driven enterprise with productivity enhancing features.
  • Single Vendor
  • Single Billing
  • Uniform Service
  • One partner for support

Comcast Business provides solutions.

See how Comcast Business solutions are helping build businesses.

Solutions for School networks

Pease International Tradeport: Purpose-Built for Growth.

Strategically situated just 50 miles from Boston, Massachusetts; Manchester, New Hampshire; and Portland, Maine, Pease International Tradeport encompasses 3,000 acres and industrial space containing both single-tenant and multi-tenant buildings.

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