Product Overview

Comcast Business PRI Trunking provides a physical connection from your PBX to the largest VoIP network in the nation – the Comcast Network. It allows you to manage costs by leveraging your existing PBX system, maintain business continuity when disaster strikes, and maximizes your phone capabilities over our private IP network. If you are looking to grow your business, the reliability and scalability of Comcast Business PRI Trunks make it the right solution.

PRI Trunk

Features of PRI Trunks

  • Destination unreachable Destination Unreachable
  • Direct inward dial Direct Inward Dial - DID
  • Direct outward dial Direct Outward Dial - DOD
  • Call detail records Call Detail Records - CDR
  • Hunt groups Business Voice Continuity
  • Security feature Security

Who Needs PRI Trunks?

PRI trunks work best in those locations where companies want to leverage the existing investment in their traditional PBX while benefiting from the managed costs, business continuity, and enhanced capabilities that IP-based telephone service can bring.

How It Works

A trunk is a dedicated connection that links the PBX to a phone service provider, who in turn links to the public switched telephone network (PSTN). Not too long ago, that provider was a traditional phone company offering traditional phone service. But now it can be an Internet phone company, offering VoIP services like ISDN PRI. The service allows you to make and receive calls and comes with disaster recovery features that ensure you never miss a call.
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