Product Overview

Comcast Business SIP Trunking is delivered over the largest VoIP network in the nation. The service provides dedicated bandwidth, with 100Mbps connection, to ensure streamlined voice and data traffic. The flexibility of Comcast SIP allows for multiple ways to configure your Enterprise – allowing for 6 CCS and up to 800. You configure the trunks however your Enterprise requires – inbound, outbound, 2-way, single or multiple trunk groups. You can also activate continuity features, like Overflow and Failover, to ensure that you will not miss a call due to call volume or an outage. Plus, it all comes backed by a Comcast Business Quality of Service (QoS) with Service Level Agreements, and expert 24/7/365 support.
Phone SIP-Phone


  • Phone not reachable Call Forward Not Reachable
  • Caller ID name Caller ID Name (CNAM)
  • Direct inward dial Direct Inward Dial (DID)
  • Direct outward dial Direct Outward Dial
  • Bandwidth Failover/Overflow
  • Destination unreachable Destination Unreachable
  • Remote call fowarding Multi Site Load Balancing
  • Network On Demand Bursting
  • Call detail records Call Detail Records (CDR)
  • Business Voice International Calling

Get Our Whitepaper: Trunking for Businesses — Past, Present, and Future

You’ll learn how trunking has changed significantly over the past 30 years, first with ISDN PRI in 1998, followed by SIP standardization in 1999. Our whitepaper also reviews the advantages of SIP trunking today, including increased flexibility and scalability as well as SD-WAN and SBCaaS benefits. Finally, it discusses how SIP will remain a transformative technology in the future.
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