Regulatory Recovery Fee overview*

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The Regulatory Recovery Fee (RRF) appears on monthly billing statements for Business Voice customers. It includes fees that recover the contributions Comcast is obligated to make to State and Federal funds that support communications services for individuals in high-cost areas, individuals in low-income areas and disabled individuals.


What is it?

The RRF includes the Federal Cost Recovery Fee, which covers the contribution Comcast makes to support the operation of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and programs that make phone service accessible to individuals with certain disabilities. The components of the RRF, including the Federal Cost Recovery Fee, can be seen in the applicable price list. Though not mandated by the government, Comcast is permitted to recover its program contributions from end users.

For information about other taxes and fees on your Comcast bill, refer to Understand taxes and surcharges on your bill.

If you have additional questions about the changes to your bill, please contact Comcast Business Customer Support at 1-800-391-3000.


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