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Activating My Account enables you to perform a variety of functions such as paying your bill, updating account information and managing WiFi hotspots. If you already have an account and would like to activate additional users, please read Add, delete, deactivate My Account users.

If you have more than one Comcast Business account, you can link those accounts together to access all of your account-management features with a single sign-in email address. Note that only an account that has not previously been activated online can be linked to another account.

Before you get started

You will need your Comcast account number for activation. This number is included in the welcome email you received following installation and can be found at the top-right corner of your billing statement or obtained from the technician during your install.

Activate your account

  1. Navigate to the My Account registration page. If you are directed to a page asking if you are an existing Comcast Business customer or not yet a Comcast Business customer, select I am an existing Comcast Business customer and then select Continue. Enter your account number and and select Continue.

  2. Enter the required information and select Continue.

    For Voice customers, select the Comcast Business phone number from the dropdown menu to assign to the Primary Manager on the account. You can also assign this later.

    You must have a phone installed at your location and have it set to the phone number that you have selected. This step is only to associate a phone number to yourself in My Account which will allow you to access voice management features for that number.

  3. Review the information provided, check the Terms of Service box and select Confirm.

  4. You will receive an email with a link to activate your account. Visit the link within 24 hours to complete registration. If you do not confirm within 24 hours, you will need to start the activation process from the beginning.



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