Comcast Business customer PINs

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Learn about the different types of PINs you will need to use as a Comcast Business Voice customer.


All voice customers including Business Voice, Business Trunks, Business VoiceEdge and VoiceEdge Select will receive a unique account-level Security PIN that is required for managing certain voice features, and accessing call detail records and utilization reports. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) mandates that this information, known as Customer Proprietary Network Information or CPNI, must be protected by a password or PIN online.

Your Security PIN (also referred to as CPNI PIN) is also required when calling Comcast Business to request access to CPNI or to make changes to your voice service configuration. Your Security PIN is sent to your mailing address via the United States Postal Service in the first two weeks after account activation. If you have not received your PIN, or have lost it, see Your Business Voice Security PIN for instructions on how to resend it or contact Comcast Business Customer Support at 1-800-391-3000.

Your account can also have a few other PINs, which are different from your Security PIN:

Voicemail Password. If you have Business Voice service, each phone number on your account that includes voicemail will have a voicemail password to log in to voicemail via phone. This is set up as the last four digits of your telephone number until you change it to a 4- to 9-digit number of your choosing.

Remote Call Forwarding Code or PIN. Remote Call Forwarding, available on full-featured phone lines, allows you to use an alternate phone line to activate. 

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