Understanding your new Comcast Business bill design

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Customers in select cities are now receiving a redesigned billing statement. Your new statement has all the information you expect to see in an easy-to-read format. There’s no change to your account number, just a more streamlined look and feel. Register or sign in to My Account to view and pay your bill from anywhere, anytime, on any device.

This article provides an overview of the information you’ll see on your bill each month, so you'll know exactly what you're paying for and what to expect. We'll also explain how to easily find the changes that may affect your total amount due each month, like adding new services or one-time charges for items like installation.

If your bill does not look like the below, please see Understanding your Comcast Business bill for more information.

Find the numbered key outlined in the sections below for more information on how to read and understand your new billing statement.


Bill statement - Page 1 - Overview

  1. The billing date at the top of the bill refers to the date your bill was printed. Any service changes or payments made after that date will appear on your next statement.

  2. Your service period, the dates you're being charged for, is listed to the right of your billing date.

  3. Your regular monthly charges (Internet, Phone, TV and/or Cloud Solutions) are now separated from one-time charges such as installation fees.

  4. Your new charges refer to all of the charges applied to your account during the listed service period, including your monthly service charges, one-time charges, taxes and fees. Your total amount due refers to the charges on your bill plus any unpaid balance on your account from the date the bill was issued.

  5. Need help? You can find answers to your support questions and see all of the ways you can contact Comcast Business in this section.

  6. You can include this section, the payment stub summary, if you want to mail your payment to us. It has all of the information to ensure that your payment is taken care of quickly.


Bill statement - Page 2 - Helpful information

  1. Learn more. These sections will provide relevant information regarding updates to products, services and features.

  2. Need Help? We’re here for you. This section provides easy, quick ways that you can find help online or by phone.

  3. Whether you're moving, need to change services or have questions about accessibility issues, you can check this section for useful information that will help assist you.

  4. Paying your bill has never been easier, and we'll keep adding new ways to pay here as they become available.


Bill statement - Page 3 - Detailed bill information

  1. Your regular monthly charges are listed at the top of this page. They are charges that recur monthly and should remain the same unless changes are made to your contract.

  2. This section provides details about your equipment and services and includes regular monthly charges for equipment rentals and TV Boxes.

  3. Other charges are listed here, and are based on programming costs in your area and your level of service. They are not tied to contract or promotional pricing.

  4. Taxes, surcharges and fees - this section provides a simple, clear list of the taxes and fees that are associated with the services that you receive. Note: These fees are linked to specific products and services and may vary by area depending on state, local and federal rules and regulations. In addition, taxes are no longer broken down by line of business (this may appear as though there are duplicate charges, but the charges will be for different amounts).


Bill statement - Page 4 - Important Account Information

  1. View important account information regarding billing questions, programming updates, local regulations, transferring services and more.


Frequently asked questions

Why is my bill changing?

We’ve been working to improve your Comcast Business experience all around - we've simplified things so you can get the information you need without having to search for it. We worked directly with customers like you to redesign your Comcast Business bill. We hope that you like the new look and feel, and as always, we'd love to hear what you think!


Will my service charges change?

No, your services and associated charges will remain the same. We've just updated the format to make those charges easier to understand.


Is there anything that no longer appears on my bill?

We've consolidated things a bit, like taxes and fees, which are now shared in total.


How can I see my new statement?

You can view your bill from anywhere, on any device, anytime you want. Just sign in to My Account to view your monthly statement or current balance. If you are enrolled in our paperless EcoBill® program, you will receive an email to view your monthly bill. If you are not enrolled in EcoBill, your bill will be mailed each month.


Does the new bill impact my account number, username or password?

No, all of your account information will stay the same in the new bill.


For more information

If you have questions about a specific charge on your bill, please contact us.


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