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New Comcast Business bill statements available in select regions

Updated 6/22/2016 2:57:27 PM by Comcast Expert


For customers in the California, Seattle, Portland (OR), Twin Cities, Houston and Mountain West areas, please meet your new Comcast Business bill. We have redesigned your bill to simplify, organize and clarify your monthly account activity. Your new statement contains all the billing information you expect in an easy-to-read format. You can find a copy of your new bill statement by signing in to your Business online account.

This article provides an overview of the information you’ll see on your bill each month, so you'll know exactly what you're paying for and what to expect. We'll also explain how to easily find the changes that may affect your total amount due each month, like adding new services or one-time charges for things like installation.

If you reside outside of these areas, please see Understanding your Comcast Business bill for more information.

Find the numbered key outlined in the sections below the statement images for more information.

Bill statement - Page 1 - Overview

1. Clearly marked payment received

2. Clearly labeled account information

3. All the important info, like the amount you owe, and the due date, right up front

4. Easy ways to reach us

5. Personalized call outs, highlighting your account promotions and service updates

6. Payment coupon – simply tear off and mail it in with your payment

Bill statement - Page 2 - Helpful information

7. Benefits you might not know about

8. Easy ways to reach us

9. All your payment options in one place

Bill statement - Page 3 - Detailed bill information

10. Your account number and service date on every page, for easy reference

11. A clearer description of the service(s) you receive

12. Clearly marked credits

13. An itemized list of your additional services and equipment

14. Easy-to-spot phone number

15. A breakdown of taxes, surcharges and fees that apply to your Comcast services. For a full description of these taxes, see Understand taxes and surcharges on your bill.

Frequently asked questions

Why is my bill changing?

We’ve been working to improve your Comcast Business experience all around - we've simplified things so you can get the information you need without having to search for it. We worked directly with customers like you to redesign your Comcast Business bill. We hope that you like the new look and feel, and as always, we'd love to hear what you think!


Will my service charges change?

No, your services and associated charges will remain the same. We've just updated the format to make those charges easier to understand.


Is there anything that no longer appears on my bill?

We've consolidated things a bit, like taxes and fees, which are now shared in total.


How can I see my new statement?

You can view your bill from anywhere, on any device, anytime you want. Just sign in to your Business online account to view your monthly statement or current balance. If you are enrolled in our Ecobill program, you will receive a text alert or email to view your monthly bill. If you are not enrolled in Ecobill, your bill will be mailed each month.


Does the new bill impact my account number, username or password?

No, all of your account information will stay the same in the new bill.

For more information

If you have questions about a specific charge on your bill, please contact us.

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