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Thank you for choosing Comcast Business! As you know, the benefits go beyond fast-loading web pages and speedy downloads. We are here to make running your business as easy and effective as possible. Now that you have purchased your services, here are a few things to help you get ready for your installation.

You can also download a copy of our Business Installation Overview here (Adobe PDF Reader required):
PDF iconComcast Business Installation Overview

Complimentary survey

We may need to do a walk-through of your facility prior to installation to ensure a smooth process. If this is the case, your Comcast Business coordinator will schedule the walk-through and contact you with the date and time. During the walk-through our technician may need access your utility closet, so please obtain the key for this area if it is not readily accessible.

Confirm appointment

Your Comcast Business coordinator will contact you with your installation date and time. It is important that you confirm the installation date with our team as well as confirm the point of contact for the day of install when the technician arrives. You can confirm this information by email or phone.

Note: If you are porting telephone numbers from another carrier, the installation confirmation is critical to enable a smooth port of numbers with minimal down time.
Tip: Make sure an authorized representative is available at the service location during installation to review the services to be installed and sign for completed work.

Register for My Account

To help ensure your installation goes smoothly, register for My Account to review your order summary, go over your installation checklist, view your technician’s estimated time of arrival, and begin setting up your account details.

Need to reschedule your installation appointment? Sign in to My Account to select a new date and time. Please note: You cannot reschedule your installation online if you are scheduled for a PreWire appointment.

My Account is your single destination to easily manage your services from any device, in the office or on-the-go. Visit My Account to pay your Comcast Business bill, set up Auto Pay, sign up for Paperless Biling™, add users, manage service features, access cloud-based business apps and more. You will also have full access to an extensive library of help and support materials, from simple set up instructions to advanced troubleshooting details.

Pre-Install checklist

Make sure an authorized representative is available at your location during installation to review the services to be installed and sign for completed work.

Choose an area close to your computer or gateway device to house your Comcast Business equipment.

Please make sure the area is clear and clean.

Provide at least two (2) 110v AC outlets.

Please make sure your network administrator or technical contractor is available at your location or by telephone during the last hour of your installation.

After installation is complete, head to for quick and easy access to everything you might need in your first few days of service and beyond.

Your responsibilities

You are responsible for integrating and troubleshooting your network and managed phone system, such as a KEY or PBX system, if applicable. We will only support Comcast Business owned devices.

The installation

Please Note: Scheduled appointment length is approximate. Complete installation will take from 1.5 to 4 hours, but can vary significantly based on service complexity. Additional advanced voice services such as Business VoiceEdge™ or Business Trunks are not included in this overview.

  1. Walk-through

    Technician will perform a walk-through and discuss the services to be installed.

  2. Perform the installation

  • Prepare the site externally and internally.
  • Pull wires for services to demarcation.
  • Install necessary equipment.
  • Provision your services.
  • Port and assign phone numbers (Voice service only). If you are getting new numbers from Comcast Business, they will be assigned during the installation. They cannot be provided in advance.
Test your services to ensure they are working.
After the Comcast Business service installation, your IT data or telephone system vendor will need to complete the integration of Comcast Business services with your data network and/or telephone system.
Expect up to 20 minutes of downtime during the integration and porting process, although times may vary. Your technician will notify you before this begins.

Note: Comcast Business will only configure and support the Comcast Business-owned devices and Comcast Business wiring to the Comcast Business Demarcation. These points are:

Internet – RJ45 port on the IP Gateway. Static IP(s) will be provided if applicable.

Voice – RJ11 port on the eMTA (Cable Modem) or a wall mounted 66 block.

Video – at CPE (customer premise equipment) device (Example: television, etc.)

  1. Installation inspection

    Inspect the installation and explain what was done.

  2. Verify that all services are working.

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