Comcast Business TV Fee Increases

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At Comcast, we strive to keep rates reasonable for our customers but from time to time, it’s necessary to increase fees in order to keep pace with the costs of providing service. In the last several years, we have made significant upgrades to our network, customer equipment and software in order to provide a fast and reliable experience for our Comcast Business customers.

As we continue to make investments in the network and service, we periodically need to adjust prices due to the increase in business costs. Beginning January 1, 2017, the following Comcast Business TV fees will increase.

Broadcast TV Fee

The Broadcast TV (BTV) Fee is a charge on your bill associated with the costs of retransmitting broadcast television signals. Broadcast stations charge cable and satellite providers for retransmitting their signals, and cable providers like Comcast are required to pay substantial fees in order to carry those signals. In recent years, our cost to retransmit broadcast television signals has more than doubled, and this charge is driven by rising broadcast fees.

Regional Sports Network Fee increase

The Regional Sports Network (RSN) Fee is a charge on your bill associated with the rising cost of regional sports network programming. The fee will be applied with any Comcast Business TV subscription that has RSN programming.

Why are you increasing these fees?

These costs are impacting all cable and satellite providers. From time to time, we need to increase our pricing to remain competitive.

Do other providers charge this type of fee?

Yes, some other providers charge a similar fee.

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