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Moving to a new location can be exciting and stressful, but with careful proactive planning, moving your Comcast Business services to a new location can be simple. We understand your business's needs during this time of transition and are here to help make your service transfer as smooth as possible.

The information below will let you know what to expect throughout the process. To initiate a transfer of your service, please call us at 1-800-391-3000 and follow the voice prompt for moving or adding service at a new location.

Pre-installation appointment
Period of time without service
Your Comcast Business equipment
Your Comcast Business phone number and voicemail
Static IP addresses
Channel lineup and paid packages

Pre-installation appointment

Prior to installation of services at your new Business location, a Comcast Business technician may need to perform a walk-through to ensure we are properly prepared for a smooth installation of services. You will receive a communication from a Comcast Business representative with the date and time if a survey is necessary. Typically this survey is 24-72 hours prior to your installation date, and is scheduled at the same time as the installation date. During this pre-installation survey, a technician will check the internal wiring and signal levels at your premise.

Period of time without service

If you plan on bringing your Comcast Business equipment to the new location, please be advised that you will be without service until the equipment has been re-connected by a Business Technician. In advance of your move or service transfer, please let us know what date works best for you so we can help make it as seamless as possible. We will make every effort to eliminate any time without service. On the day of installation, expect up to 20 minutes of downtime during the integration and porting process, although times may vary. Your technician will notify you before this begins.


Due to differences in franchise fees and taxes that are set by local and state governments, the cost of services can vary by market. However, we will work with you to find the products and services that meet your needs at your new address.

Your Comcast Business equipment

While you may wish to upgrade your equipment when you move, you may also be able to bring your current equipment to your new Business. Ask a Comcast Business representative if your equipment is compatible at your next address. Returning equipment helps us retire older models and keep current equipment in top working order.

Returning your Comcast equipment

We are making it easier for our Business customers to return equipment. The following options are currently available: 

Day of installation at new site
Bring your equipment with you on the day of your service transfer. On the day of install, you may return the unwanted equipment to our Business Technician.

After installation at new site
Bring your old equipment to the new location after install, where a Business Technician will be scheduled to pick it up.

Your business phone numbers, voicemails and call logs

If you are moving within the same area code, you will likely be able to keep your current business number. However, you will need to re-record outgoing voicemail messages and auto attendants and will lose any saved messages. We recommend that you (and any employees) empty your voicemail box prior to the move. We also recommend that you utilize the Call Forward Unreachable feature to forward calls during your move in the event your service is interrupted. This feature will forward calls to a specified number and can be set up prior to your move from My Account

Static IP addresses

You may keep an existing Static IP when you move, as long as you are moving within the same regional market. Please check with a Comcast Business representative when processing your order. Our representatives will make sure to include your existing Static IP in your order. To make the transition easier, bring you current modem to the new site to maintain your network configuration.

Channel lineup and paid packages

Your channel lineup may be different at your new address. Each of our markets is required to broadcast "must-carry" channels, like public access and commercial channels. We try to keep content consistent across our service areas, however, that is not always possible. National HD channels are likely to be the same at your new address, but local HD channels may differ. Your channel lineup is available online by accessing your account at

Other considerations

Other considerations regarding moving of service include whether you can maintain the same account and login information, and port any existing Comcast Business phone numbers. Several factors determine whether you can keep your account information and phone number but we will help you keep that information if possible.

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