Add SD-WAN users

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Learn how Primary Admins and Service Managers can add users with read and write or read-only permissions.

Access and manage profiles

  1. Sign in to My Account and select Users.

  2. Select Add new user.

  3. Enter the new user's first and last name, email address and select Continue.

  4. ​Select the new user's Permission Level and then select Send Invite. The user will have to accept the invite to gain access to ActiveCore. 

Permissions Levels: 

  • Service Manager - can read all sites, but can only change configurations on sites assigned to the Service Manager. 
  • Service User - has read-only access for all sites.
  • Billing Manager - typically assigned to the user responsible for paying for SD-WAN service. 
  • Combo Manager - typically assigned to a Billing Manager who is also a Service Manager. 

​Link Accounts

Learn how to link separate Comcast Business accounts. Follow the steps above to add new or existing users to a site.

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