Create and deploy SD-WAN templates

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You can use templates to set and deploy firewall policies and Quality of Service (QoS) profiles for sites in your SD-WAN service.

Modify and deploy templates in bulk

  1. Sign in to My Account and select ActiveCore from the Services menu.

  2. Select Service Configuration and then select Templates.

  3. Select Add new Template to create a new template or select Manage from the menu of a Draft Template you want to modify.

  4. Enter a Template name and select QoS Profile and/or Firewall Profile. Select Add Template to confirm.

  5. Navigate through the Service Configuration and edit the template as necessary. Select Save & Continue to confirm.

    Note: QoS is currently limited to one configuration for all sites and all VPNs. If you have multiple templates deployed to multiple groups of sites in your network, and a QoS setting is changed, the update will be applied to all sites and templates on the network.

  6. The QoS queue has 2-, 4- and 6-queue options available for you to assign your traffic. Select a Queue Profile type

    Note: Profiles changes are service-impacting and should be executed in your preferred maintenance window.

    • 2-queue options:

      • Queue 1 - Real Time
      • Queue 2 - Bulk Data
    • 4-queue options:

      • Queue 1 - Real Time
      • Queue 2 - Critical Data
      • Queue 3 - Important Data
      • Queue 4 - Bulk Data
    • 6-queue options:

      • Queue 1 - Real Time
      • Queue 2 - Video
      • Queue 3 - Signal and Control
      • Queue 4 - Critical Data
      • Queue 5 - Important Data
      • Queue 6 - Best Effort
  7. Manage your DSCP (Differentiated Services Code Point) mappings. Use the checkboxes to move or delete DSCP markings. Select Add DSCP Markings to add more options. 

  8. Make changes to your firewall policies by selecting View/Edit for a specific policy. For more information on firewalls, see Manage your SD-WAN firewall profiles. When you are finished, select Deploy changes, Save draft or Delete draft.

Manage Templates

  1. Select Duplicate to duplicate a template. Select Edit/deploy to edit, deploy, or delete an existing template. Follow the steps above to edit a template.


Deployment History

  1. Select Deployment History.

  2. Past template deployments will be displayed. Select Deployment ID or Template/devices for more information. 


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