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The SD-WAN Dashboard gives you quick access to information, such as network health notifications, analytics and status overviews for sites, devices and ports affiliated with your SD-WAN service.

Access available information

To access your Dashboard, sign in to My Account and select ActiveCore from the Manage Services menu.


Live Insights provides alert information for devices and ports running on your network. For more details, select View all Insights or View Insight next to the specific device or port.


Network Map

Your network map provides a geographic view of your SD-WAN service. The circles on the map represent sites clustered by proximity. A solid green circle indicates no alerts for that cluster. The presence of red in a circle indicates an issue or issues within that cluster.

  • Select Show Legend for a detailed display of your Network Map. 
  • Select a cluster of sites by selecting a circled number on the map. Select View Site after selecting a cluster to display a page of sites in that cluster, or zoom in on a specific site within a cluster. 
  • Select a green circle with one site in it to see details about latency, jitter and packet loss. 
  • Select a blue dot to see the additional sites that have a data connection to the selected site. 

Select Site connections to display a tabular view detailing the status, name, address and CLLI of each site connected to the highlighted site.


Pinned reports

View high-level statistics on application usage, site availability, SD-WAN device health and site utilization. Hover over the pinned report on your Dashboard and select View report for additional details or to export raw data.



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