Explore site details for your SD-WAN service

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View information and statistics for different sites on your SD-WAN service.

Access site details

  1. Sign in to My Account and select ActiveCore from the Services menu.

  2. Select a site from the Network Sites list in the Network Map.

  3. The site's Connections, Device CLLI, and Network Information will be displayed. Select View Site Details.

Navigate specific site details

  • Select View Devices for devices associated with the site or select options for viewing VPNs or Firewall Policies. 

  • Monitor a single site's usage per WAN, bandwidth utilization and bandwidth throughput under Site overview. Change your view by selecting Sent or Received, or select Show data table to expand the information. Adjust the date range to view the site's data usage within a specific timeframe. 

  • Monitor latency, packet loss and jitter between a single site and all other sites in your network with a data connection under the WAN link performance. Adjust the date range to view which site pairs were in the lowest, middle or highest percentile for these connection metrics during a specific timeframe. 

  • Site connections allows you to view the data flow between sites connected to the one you have selected. Statistics for jitter, latency and packet loss are available. Status will indicate whether the site is up or down. Note: Site connections will only display when data is being shared between sites.

  • Device profile shows device and port information. Select the dropdown to switch between ports. 


Network Inventory

Sites can also be accessed through Network Inventory.

  1. Select Network Inventory.

  2. Toggle between Sites and Devices. Select more options to View site.


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