Manage your SD-WAN traffic steering profiles

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You can create, enable or disable traffic steering rules with your SD-WAN service for individual sites or groups of sites.

Access and manage rules

  1. Sign in to My Account and select ActiveCore from the Services menu.

  2. Select View Site.

    You can also navigate to your Site Details from your Network Map or from Service Configuration.

    Note: For more information on templates and QoS, see Create and deploy SD-WAN templates.

  3. Select Manage Rules for Traffic Steering from the Site Services section and then select View/Edit.

  4. Traffic steering rules will be displayed. Select Edit priority or Add new rule to edit the priority of existing rules or create a new one. These changes can only be made from Pending profile.

  5. Select the dropdowns for Priority or drag and drop to prioritize traffic steering rules. Select Save & close to confirm.

  6. Enter a new Rule name and Traffic signature for a new rule. Select Save & close to confirm.

For more details on how traffic steering works, please reference How does SD-WAN traffic steering work?

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