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View your SD-WAN network map

Updated 9/13/2017 10:03:18 AM by Comcast Expert


As a Comcast Business SD-WAN customer you can access information about your network, such as device events and malfunctioning ports, from a network map view of your sites. 

Access your network map

  1. Sign in to My Account and select ActiveCore from the Manage Services menu.

  2. The network map provides a high-level view of your sites. Select Network Map to view more information about your sites.

  3. The circles on the map represent sites clustered by proximity. A solid green circle indicates no alerts for that cluster of sites. The presence of red in a circle indicates an issue or issues within the cluster.

    • Select View Sites to display a tabular view detailing the status, name, address and CLLI of each site. 

    • Select View Inventory to display a tabular view of devices with the status, FQDN, name and address of each site. 

    • Select a cluster of sites by selecting a circled number on the map. Select View Site after selecting a cluster, to display a page of sites in that cluster or zoom in on a specific site within a cluster. 

    • Select a green circle with one site in it to see details about latency, jitter and packet loss.


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