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Register a custom domain

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Find out how to register a new custom domain name for use with your email and website.

About domain names

A domain name is the label used to identify your website (Example: It is also the name that will appear after the @ symbol in your email address (Example: Read Choosing a domain name for more information on how to choose a domain name for your business.

Domains can be purchased for $2.99 per month. Follow these steps to register a new custom domain.

Register a new domain name

  1. Step 1:


    Sign in to My Account and select Websites from the Manage Services menu.

    Note: Only the Primary Manager or Services Manager can register a new domain name.

  2. Step 2:


    Enter the desired domain name and select Check Availability.

    Note: If you currently own a registered domain, please read Use your existing domain.

  3. Step 3:


    If your desired domain name is available for use, you will see a confirmation page that asks you to accept the terms and conditions of registering a domain name. Check the box next to I accept the terms and conditions and then select Register.

    Note: If the domain you entered is not available, try different domains until you find one that is available or visit a domain lookup site (Example: to search for an available domain to use.

  4. Step 4:

    Enter the administrative and technical contact information to associate with your new domain and select Continue.

  5. Step 5:


    You will see a Thank You message indicating that your domain registration request was received. Once your domain is available for use, you will see it appear in the list of registered domains on the Manage Domains page with a status of Active.

  6. Step 6:

    Once you have completed the domain setup, an email will be sent to the administrator email address on your account from You must click the verification link within 15 days to complete the domain registration.

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