XFINITY® WiFi overview

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XFINITY® WiFi is a network of hotspots that keep you connected to the Internet around town. Access to the XFINITY® WiFi network is included with Comcast Business Internet (Business Starter tier and above) and with XFINITY® Internet (Performance tier and above) at no additional cost. For users who do not subscribe to Comcast Business Internet or XFINITY® Internet, there are also hourly, daily, weekly and monthly access passes available for purchase.

For information on managing WiFi access in your business, please see Manage your XFINITY® WiFi hotspot online.


Requirements for accessing an XFINITY® WiFi hotspot

Terms of Service


Access to the XFINITY® WiFi network is available to Comcast Business Internet customers with a tier of service of Business Starter or above and XFINITY® Internet customers Performance and above.

Non-customers and customers with non-eligible tier of service can try XFINITY® WiFi for two 60-minute sessions or buy an access pass to the XFINITY® WiFi network.

  • The complimentary service provides two one-hour sessions per month.

  • After these two sessions expire, the customer will be offered an option to pay for continued use of the service via an hourly, daily or weekly access pass ($2.95 for an hourly pass, $7.95 for a daily pass, and $19.95 for a weekly pass), providing access to the thousands of XFINITY® WiFi hotspots around town.

To find an XFINITY® WiFi hotspot, check the hotspot location map online at, or download the XFINITY® WiFi app for iOS and Android.

Requirements for accessing an XFINITY® WiFi hotspot


  • Comcast Business Internet subscription (Starter or above)

  • Active My Account with a valid Business email address (for example: or

  • Account must be in good standing.
    (Note: Lack of payment or abuse issues will prevent users from accessing the network.)

  • Distribution lists and email forward user lists are not supported as login credentials.

  • See Access XFINITY® WiFi hotspots for more information on accessing XFINITY® WiFi.


Terms of Service

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