Set up an existing domain in Microsoft® Office 365

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Learn how to add and set up an existing domain in My Account after you purchase Office 365 in the Cloud Solutions marketplace.

Add a domain

  1. Sign in to My Account and select Cloud Solutions from the Services menu. Please note, you must be the Primary Manager or Services Manager to manage domain names.


  2. Select Account, then select Applications.

  3. Locate the Microsoft Office 365 application. Select Manage, then select Manage Domains.

  4. Select Add Domain.

  5. Enter the domain name of an existing domain you own. Select Add Domain.

  6. Copy the MS record. Log in to your web hosting provider and use this code to create a new TXT record.
    Please note, instructions to create a new TXT record will vary by web hosting provider. This TXT record verifies you are the actual owner of the domain. Creating this record allows Comcast Business Cloud Solutions and Microsoft to then verify the record has been added and complete the verification process.

  7. Once you verify the record was added successfully with your web hosting provider, select Verify Domain.


Move an existing Office 365 user to your new domain

  1. Sign in to My Account and select Cloud Solutions from the Services menu.

  2. Select Account, then Applications and then select Office 365.

  3. Select the Users tab, then select Edit username.

  4. Choose the new domain name, then select Confirm.

  5. Complete the set up of Office 365 by using the username you just changed and your existing Office 365 password to log in to Please refer to Set up Office 365 for business on the Microsoft Office support website for further instructions.


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