Set up and manage your Comcast Business Wireless Gateway

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This quick start guide will help you install and find your default wireless network information, connect your WiFi devices to your Private WiFi, Guest WiFi (for Business WiFi Pro customers) and XFINITY® WiFi networks, and sign in and secure the Admin tool for the Business Wireless Gateway.

Find Your Default Wireless Network Info
Connect Your Private Wireless Network
Connect to Your XFINITY® WiFi Hotspot
Log In and Secure the Admin Tool


Note: This article applies to the Cisco Business Wireless gateway device. Information on the Netgear N300 wireless router can be found here.


  1. Connect the AC power adapter supplied with the Business Wireless Gateway to turn it on.

  2. Place the Business Wireless Gateway in a designated location. For best results the router should be placed:

    • Near the center of the area where your computers and other devices operate, and preferably within line of sight to your wireless devices.

    • So it is accessible to an AC power outlet and near Ethernet cables for wired computers.

    • In an elevated location such as a high shelf, keeping the number of walls and ceilings between the router and your other devices to a minimum.

    • Away from electrical devices that are potential sources of interference, such as ceiling fans, home security systems, microwaves, computers or the base of a cordless phone or 2.4 GHz cordless phone.

    • Away from any large metal surfaces, such as a solid metal door or aluminum studs. Large expanses of other materials such as glass, insulated walls, fish tanks, mirrors, brick and concrete can also affect your wireless signal.

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Find your default wireless network info

  1. Lift the Business Wireless Gateway to view the bottom panel.

    • On the bottom panel label, find the two Network Names (SSIDs) and the one Network Key (Password). The case-sensitive password is the same for both Network Names (SSIDs).

    BWG Setup
  2. Record this information for future reference.

    • The default Network Names (SSIDs) and Network Key (Password) are unique to your Wireless Gateway.

    • SSID 1 will be your Private, 2.4 GHz Business Internet Network.

    • SSID 2 will be your Private, 5.0 GHz Business Internet Network.

    • We recommend changing the Network Key (Password).

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Connect your private wireless network

Now that you have your wireless network information, you're ready to connect your WiFi devices (laptops, tablets, mobile devices) to the Business Wireless Gateway. Follow the steps below for each WiFi device you want to connect to your business network.

  1. Go to the WiFi Settings on your device and ensure WiFi is turned on (if your operating system is not shown below, refer to your device manufacturer's guide).

    OS WiFi
  2. Select the 2.4 GHz Network Name (SSID) on your WiFi device.

    • Under the WiFi settings, the list of available networks should appear. Select your business network (such as CBCI-XXXX-2.4) found on the bottom of the Business Wireless Gateway.

    OS WiFi
  3. Enter the Network Key (Password) on your WiFi device.

    • When prompted, enter the case-sensitive Network Key (Password) found at the bottom of the Business Wireless Gateway. Select the confirmation button—usually labeled Join, Connect, or OK.

    OS WiFi
  4. Check if your WiFi device is connected to your 2.4 GHz network. If your WiFi device is connected, you should see a check mark (or other indication) next to the Network Name (SSID) you had selected.

    OS WiFi
  5. Test the internet connection on your device by opening a web browser and trying to access a website such as

  6. Connect your WiFi device to the 5 GHz band.

    • If your device supports 5 GHz, you should see CBCI-XXXX-5. To connect to 5 GHz, repeat steps 2-5 above. If you don't see your 5 GHz network or you don't have a 5 GHz WiFi capable device, skip this step.

    OS WiFi

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Connect to your XFINITY® WiFi hotspot

Your Business Wireless Gateway also broadcasts a Public WiFi network with the SSID xfinitywifi for your customers and patrons. This network provides a separate and secure method for guests to access the internet while at your business. As a Comcast Business Internet customer, you also have access to this hotspot and the broader XFINITY® WiFi network of hotspots around town.

  1. To sign in to XFINITY® WiFi, select the xfinitywifi Network Name (SSID) from available networks on your wireless device.

  2. Open a browser window. On some systems, such as Apple iOS, a browser screen will appear automatically.

  3. Follow the on-screen prompts to log in with your Comcast Business Internet credentials.

Congratulations! Now that you've signed in, you will be automatically connected whenever you are near an XFINITY® WiFi hotspot around town.

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Log in and secure the Admin tool

You can manage your network and security settings using the Business Wireless Gateway’s Admin Tool. To ensure better security for your Business Wireless Gateway and network, we strongly recommend changing the default password to a password of your own.

  1. Open a web browser from a connected wired or WiFi device. Go to to access the login page.

  2. Enter cusadmin for Username. Enter highspeed or CantTouchThis for Password. Then select Login.

    Note: The user name "cusadmin" cannot be changed.

  3. In the upper right corner, select Change Password for increased security.

  4. Enter highspeed or CantTouchThis in the Current Password field.

  5. Create a new password of your choice.

    Note: The password must be at least eight characters and may include letters or numbers or a combination of both (no symbols). For better security, try using at least one number and a mix of upper and lower case letters.

  6. Re-enter your new password.

  7. Select Save to save your settings.


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