Troubleshoot Internet connectivity (video)

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If you are having trouble connecting, staying connected or experiencing slow speeds with your Comcast Business Internet service, utilize these troubleshooting recommendations to resolve the issue or troubleshoot issues directly from your desktop or mobile device.

The most common reason for a slow Internet connection is that your PC is infected with viruses, spyware or adware. To prevent that, make sure that your anti-virus and spyware detection software are up-to-date and scan your PC with them frequently. Some other things that could cause a slow connection are a firewall setting that is too restrictive, the speed of your PC's processor, the amount of memory or cache available, the size and location of the web page you are accessing, large graphic images, game rooms, or video and sound files.

Basic troubleshooting

  1. Verify that the modem, router and other network devices are plugged into a working outlet and are receiving power.

  2. Ensure that all physical connections are attached and secure.

    • Coax cable into back of your modem

    • Ethernet cable from modem to router or other network devices

    • Ethernet cable from modem/ router to computer

  3. If your device has a standby button, verify that the modem is not in standby mode.

    • If modem is in standby mode, press the standby button.

Rebooting your modem

Powercycling (rebooting) your modem and router (if applicable) will solve most connection issues. To powercycle your modem, follow these steps:

  1. Power off and unplug your modem. (Note: When powering off your modem, do not press the reset button.)

  2. If you have a router, power it off and unplug it from the power outlet.

  3. Power off and unplug any additional network devices.

  4. Power off your computer.

  5. Power on your modem. Wait two minutes until it is completely restarted before moving on to Step 6.

  6. If you have a router, power it on. Wait two minutes until it is completely restarted before moving on to Step 7.

  7. Power on any additional network devices.

  8. Turn on your computer.

  9. Attempt to connect to the Internet. If you are still unable to connect, please contact us.

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