Use your own cable modem with Comcast Business Internet service

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As a Comcast Business Internet customer, you have the option to purchase a cable modem to use with your service in place of the Comcast-provided gateway.

Detailed listings of compatible devices for Business Internet are available here. Select the speed tier to which you are subscribed to locate compatible devices.

Using Comcast-provided equipment

In certain circumstances, you will be required to use Comcast equipment:

Product Comcast Modem/Device Bring Your Own Eligible
Internet P yes
Internet with Static IP P no
Internet with Connection Pro P no
Internet with SmartOffice P no
Internet with WiFi Pro P no
Internet with Security Edge P no
Voice P no

If you require a static IP for your account, please read Comcast Business IP Gateway and Static IP overview for more information.


Additional benefits

24/7 technical support

If you use a Comcast-provided device, we are responsible for the equipment and take care of all of the service and maintenance. If for any reason your service is not functioning properly we have the ability to troubleshoot your connections and the device 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you choose to purchase your own equipment, we will make our best effort to troubleshoot your device but may not be able to restore your service if the problem is determined to be with your device.

Software updates

Comcast is making preparations to help ensure all of its networks, products, and systems are compatible and enabled for the migration to IPv6, an Internet Protocol that will allow for nearly unlimited IP addresses. All new devices provided by Comcast are compatible with IPv6, and we will replace your current Comcast-provided device at no charge if you need to upgrade.


Unfortunately, hackers with malicious intent find new ways every day to access information through the Internet. Our modems include an IP gateway with a firewall and router in order to best protect you and your business.

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