Comcast Business Voice services customer responsibilities

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Customers have certain responsibilities related to the installation, support and maintenance of Comcast Business VoiceEdge, Trunks and Voice service and Comcast-provided equipment.

Customer responsibilities

  • Provide an operating environment with temperatures between 55°F and 85°F. Humidity shall not exceed 85% at 85°F.

  • Provide secure space sufficient for installation of the Ciena or Juniper equipment and IAD/ESG with sufficient access to allow installation and maintenance of such equipment.

  • Provide sufficient AC power and outlets within 6 feet of where the devices will be placed, UPS power and/or battery backup (as applicable) to support the equipment installed by Comcast.

  • A permanent ground is required for Comcast-provided equipment.

  • Four units of rack space will be needed or a 4x4 backboard provided if equipment is to be wall mounted.

  • It is required that the IAD/ESG and Ciena or Juniper equipment be installed in the same room.

  • Comcast-provided equipment may only be installed/serviced by trained Comcast employees (or Comcast-approved contractors).

  • Provide access to the buildings and point of demarcation at each customer location to allow Comcast and its approved contractors to install Comcast services. Provide access to each location for regular business hours (8:00 AM – 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday or as scheduled) and emergency (24-hour) service and maintenance of Comcast equipment and facilities.

  • Provide a POC for installation, service activation and any maintenance activities. The POC must be available for design capture and review meetings, day-of-install and activation events, and maintenance/ticket activities. Lack of speedy access may affect completion of work on committed dates.

  • ​The customer shall be responsible for the coordination of installation or maintenance work with third parties that the customer uses.​

Trunking (PRI and SIP) customer responsibilities

  • Provide a standard cable from the PBX to the IAD/ESG with an RJ-48C interface (male) for PRI, or a RJ45 cable for SIP, to the IAD/ESG. The customer is responsible for the connection to its phone system. With a single PRI configuration, only port NET3 will be used. (Comcast will provide cable to connect the Ciena or Juniper to the IAD/ESG.)

  • In cases of a service-related issue, the customer’s appointed point of contact (POC) must ensure that the problem is not on the customer’s side (including the PBX) before calling Comcast support lines, as provided above.

  • The customer is fully responsible (operationally and financially) for securing customer-provided phone systems and customer-provided equipment from potential abuse or fraudulent use.

  • Ensure the phone vendor, or alternative resource, is present at the time of voice service activation/cutover to program and connect the customer provided equipment via an RJ48c crossover cable for PRI, or RJ45 cable for SIP (this cable must be provided by you or your PBX vendor).

RJ48c Cable Pin out for PRI:


Business VoiceEdge customer responsibilities

  • Ensure your IT vendor, or alternative resource, is present at time of service installation and activation.

  • A bi-directional Ethernet switch supporting Fast Ethernet (100Mbps) or Gig-E (1Gbps) is required. No remote Hubs.

  • CAT5 or higher cabling and RJ45 drops are required from switch to each phone location.

  • A PoE switch or a power outlet is required for each phone location.

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