Digital Adapter On-Screen Guide Features

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Using your new on-screen guide

Great news! TVs in your business that are connected to digital adapters now have an on-screen guide to help you quickly find what's on and when. It's easy to navigate — just use your current remote.

The digital adapter on-screen guide includes:

  • TV Listings

  • Closed Captioning

  • Parental Controls

  • Program Information

  • Up to 24 hours of program information

To learn more about your new on-screen guide, download the Quick Tips guide on Getting Started.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What do I do if the remote control doesn’t work?

First, check the batteries for possible replacement. Then, make sure the remote is in a direct line of sight with the front of the digital adapter.

Is my remote control a universal remote?

When programmed, the remote supplied with your digital adapter will control both your TV and digital adapter. It will not control other equipment, such as DVD players or a sound system.

Why do I see “to be announced” in the TV listings instead of program titles?

If power is lost to the digital adapter, data will begin to reload once power is restored. No action is required.

How do I control what a child watches in my business?

With Parental Control features, you can restrict the viewing of certain material on your TV. You can set a lock to restrict viewing by rating, such as R or NC-17, or restrict viewing by program title. You can also lock certain channels. For more information, refer to the Parental Controls section of the Quick Tips guide, visit or call 1-866-781-1888. Hospitality customers: If a guest enables parental control features, call 1-866-781-1888 to disable the feature for your next guest.

What if I forget my parental control pins?

Call Comcast customer service to reset them. After they’re reset, you’ll be able to enter a new Parental Control code.

I have a high-definition (HD) television, why can’t I get a picture on any of the HD channels?

The current digital adapters are standard-definition (SD) adapters that only allow viewing of SD channels.

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