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Comcast Business makes it easier for you to find your favorite shows and help you discover new favorites. All of your current channels, 1-999, stay right where they are while channels 1000-1999 are organized by category, so networks with similar programming – like news networks, sports networks, and kids’ networks – are grouped together into channel neighborhoods.


Your channel lineup

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Frequently asked questions

Will the new channel lineup increase my bill?

The new channel lineup will not affect your bill.


Are you removing any of my channels?

We currently have no plans to remove any of the channels you have now. We’re just giving you another way to find what you want to watch.


Will you ever get rid of channels 1-999? 

We have no plans to get rid of channels 1-999. Channels 1000+ are just an additional way to find what you want to watch.


Will the multicultural Spanish channels move?

Some of your favorite Spanish-language networks will be included in the new lineup. (for example, Spanish-Language Soccer networks, Spanish-Language broadcasters).


Are all TV Boxes compatible with the new channel lineup?

All TV Boxes will be compatible. The following advanced video equipment will not be impacted:

  • Q2Q
  • mDTA
  • Mini-mDTA


Do I need to reboot my TV Box in order to see the new channel lineup in my TV guide?

No, you do not need to reboot your TV Box to see the new channel lineup.


It looks like I’m missing some of the 1000+ channels. Where are they?

Channels 1500-1599, 1900-1969 and 1990-1999 are currently empty. If your HD channels aren’t a part of your current TV subscription, you’ll only be able to tune to SD channels, just like you do now. Some SD channels will reside in the 1000+ channel range.


How will you handle SD and HD channels in the channel lineup?

The 1000+ channels will consist of both HD and SD channels. When there is not an HD channel available for a certain network, an SD channel will be listed.


What if my TV subscription only gives me SD channels?

If your current TV subscription doesn’t include HD channels, you’ll still only be able to view SD channels, even in the 1000+ channels.


What if I don’t want these extra channels?

They’re a part of your current TV package. There are no new channels in 1000+, just the channels you currently have, but organized differently. Channels in 1000+ are grouped together to help you find more shows like the ones you already love.


What do you mean my channels will be grouped together?

Channels 1000+ will be organized by category. That means that all kids networks will be grouped together, all sports networks will be grouped together, all news networks will be grouped together, and so on.

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