How to Turn On Video Description on a Non-X1 TV Box

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The Video Description setting plays an audio description of what's on the screen during certain TV programs. This accessibility feature helps people who are blind or have low vision enjoy increased access to TV programs. And it’s easy to set up on your non-X1 TV Box.

Note: Not all channels or programs offer Video Description. Learn more about Video Description availability.

How you turn on Video Description depends on whether you have an Xfinity Universal Remote or an XR2 remote. Here's what they look like:

Xfinity Universal Remote
Xfinity Universal Remote

XR2 Remote
XR2 Remote

Turning On Video Description on a Non-X1 TV Box

If you have an XR2 remote and a Motorola TV Box, your D button may already be programmed to turn on Video Description. Just push the green, diamond-shaped button and give it a try. Learn more about using this button in Motorola markets.

If you D button doesn't turn it on, or you have an Xfinity Universal Remote, here's what to do:

  1. Open your TV Box's On-Screen Guide:
    • XR2 Remote: Press the xfinity button. The xfinity button is the rectangular button in the fifth row down on the remote.
    • Universal Remote: Press the Menu button twice on the Universal Remote. The Menu button is a red oval button located in the center of the remote. The arrow buttons are arranged in an oval layout above the ridge of the remote. The oval button in the middle of this cluster is the Menu button.
  2. For both remotes, use the arrow buttons to go to Setup in the guide. Press the OK/Select button.
    Main Menu, Setup option is highlighted.
  3. Use the arrow buttons to go to Audio Setup. Press OK/Select.
    Setup screen with Audio Setup highlighted.
  4. Press the down arrow once to highlight Descriptive Video Service, then use the right/left arrows to turn it on/off.
    Audio Setup screen with On highlighted.

    Note: The Default Audio Track option is set to Channel Default, unless you've already changed it. When you turn Video Description on, the Default Audio Track changes to Espanol. This is because Video Description is on the Secondary Audio Programming (SAP) channel, which is often used for a Spanish language track.
  5. Press the Exit button on the remote (above the Volume button on the Universal Remote, and next to the xfinity button on the XR2 Remote) to go back to programming.

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