Frequently asked questions for the XFINITY Stream app from Comcast Business

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Who can use the XFINITY Stream app?

  • Be a Comcast Business Private View customer (i.e. private office, doctor’s office, etc.), Stream is not available for Public View such as bars and restaurants
  • Be connected to Comcast Business Internet at your business
  • Use the XFINITY Stream app on a laptop or mobile device
  • Log in with your Comcast Business My Account username and password 
Is this the same app that I use with my residential services?
Yes—however, you will only have access to view the live channels within your Comcast Business TV subscription.  

Will I be able to stream to devices wirelessly connected to my business WiFi network?
Yes. If you are connected to your Comcast Business WiFi network on site, Stream TV will work.

Can I continue to watch business TV on my device when I leave the business the same way I can with my residential account?
No. Stream for business is only available when you are onsite at your business premises.  

Can I use the Stream app to view my business TV subscription as a Comcast Business Public View customer (i.e. a restaurant)?
No, the Stream app is available for Comcast Business Private View customers only.

Can I use the Stream app at home via VPN?
No. The Stream app only works within your business while connected to your Comcast Business Internet network.

Can I use the Stream app on multiple devices at the same time?
Yes.  There can be up to five (5) simultaneous users, per account, streaming at any given time.  

Can I use the pause, rewind, and fast forward live TV from the Stream app?
No, the Stream app only allows live steaming while at your business premises.

Will I be able to set favorite channels in the Stream app?
Yes, favorite channels can be setup through the All Channels tab, by pressing the star icons next to the channel numbers and logos.

Can I use the Stream app on the office Roku or Smart TV?
No.  At this time, Stream for Business is only available on computers, iOS and Android devices.

When I look at all live channels within the Stream app, it seems to be missing a lot of channels compared to our guide in the office.
The TV Boxes or TV Adapters connected to TVs in the office will show the full list of all channels that Comcast provides.  The Stream app, however, will only display the channels in your business subscription. You have the ability to live stream any channel that is listed in the Live Channels guide within the Stream app.

I don’t have Comcast Business My Account credentials to log in to the Stream app.
Please follow these steps to determine the best way to get credentials.
  1. Attempt to log in to your account at
  2. If you are successful, use the same credentials for logging in to the Stream app
    • If you are not successful in logging in to the Stream app:
      • If you are the owner of the account you can create an account at You will need some account details that can be found on your Comcast Business bill.
      • If you are NOT the account holder , you’ll need to work with the account holder to set up credentials.
I have an account log in for myself but how do I give Stream App access to my employees?
Stream access is available to any user with active credentials in your My Account. Click here to learn how to add, delete, or deactivate users in My Account

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