On-screen guide overview for non-X1 TV Boxes

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Connect with your Comcast Business TV service through the on-screen guide, which provides TV listings, program information, and content controls. 

If you have Comcast Business X1 TV service, please see Filter your X1 for Business on-screen guide.

Note: The below features/functions may vary depending on your on-screen guide and model of TV Box.

Main Menu

Use the Main Menu and Quick Menu to access the features of your on-screen guide.

  • Press the Menu button on your Comcast remote once to access the Quick Menu and twice to access the Main Menu.
  • Use the arrow buttons to navigate through the features.
  • Press OK/Select to make your selection.

View TV Listings

View a full screen of TV listings, or press the OK/Select button while watching TV to view a mini guide.

Programs within the guide are color-coded by type.

  • Movies display with a purple background.
  • Sports programs display with a green background.
  • Kids' programs display with a light blue backgroud.
  • Other programs display with a dark blue background.

To navigate within the guide:

  • Use the four arrow buttons to navigate the TV Listings Grid.
  • Press the page up/down buttons to view channels one page at a time.
  • Press the remote's C button to jump ahead 24 hours at a time.
  • Press the Guide button to toggle between TV Listings by Time and TV Listings by Channel.
  • Highlight your selection and press OK/Select to tune to the program you want to watch. 

Program information

View detailed information about a show while browsing the listings or watching TV. Press the Info button on your remote control once while browsing TV Listings, or twice while watching TV.


High Definition (HD)

If you have a high-definition (HD) television, you can enjoy HD programming with an HD-capable TV Box. Your HD box should read HDTV Capable or HDMI on the front.

  1. Press the Menu button on your remote control once and select the HD icon.
  2. Make your selection to view by guide, time, or channel.

Note: HD programming is limited to the programming Comcast is given in HD format by the programming provider. Monthly HD equipment charge applies. Availability of programming varies depending on level of service.



Flip bar

To display details about the current program you are watching, press the Infopage up, or page down buttons on your remote control.



Guide options

Guide Settings

Select Setup from the Main Menu to customize your guide, including colors and grid height.

Language Settings

To change the language of your on-screen menus or the audio language of your channels and programs (like SAP, when available) select Setup from the Main Menu. TV Listings and program descriptions will remain in English, even if text language settings are changed.

Closed Captioning

You can only access Closed Captioning through the Guide if you have an HD box connected with HDMI or component cables.

  • If you have a Motorola HD box: Turn the TV Box off, but leave the TV set on. Press Menu on the front panel of your TV Box or remote control and navigate to Closed Caption. Press the right arrow button to Enabled or Disabled.

  • If you have a Scientific Atlanta HD box: Press the Menu button on your remote control twice to view the Main Menu. Select Setup, then Subtitle Setup to turn captions on and off, or to adjust other Closed Caption settings.

If you have a non-HD TV Box you can access Closed Captioning settings through your TV and should refer to the manufacturers instructions on how to enable this feature.


Comcast sends messages occasionally to announce new services, special promotions, or other information. An envelope message indicator will appear on the Main Menu and TV Listings screens and a red light will appear on your TV Box. Select Messages from the Main Menu to view.

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