Manage Power Preferences on your X1 for Business TV Box

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Learn how to manage your Power Preferences using the Xfinity X1 On-Screen Guide.

Note: The Power Saver feature will not work while streaming music via the Pandora app.

Effective November 17, 2017, new X1 TV Box installations will default to Power Saver "On", to start after four hours.

Power Preferences

To access Device Settings:

  1. Press the xfinity button on the remote.
  2. Highlight Settings (the gear icon) and press OK.
    • Note: If your remote does not have an OK button, press the raised button in the center of the directional pad.
      Main Menu. Setting option is highlighted.
  3. Use the down arrow on the remote to highlight Device Settings and press OK.
    Settings menu displays with Device Settings highlighted.
  4. Use the down arrow to highlight Power Preferences and press OK.
    Device Settings screen with Power Preferences highlighted
  5. Use the down arrow to select Power Saver. Press OK to turn the feature On or Off.
    Power Preferences screen.
    • Note: Effective November 17, 2017, new X1 TV Box installations will default the Power Saver feature to On.
  6. Press Exit to finish.
  7. When Power Saver is On, your X1 TV Box will power down when it is not in use. You can bring it back to Full Power by pressing any button on your remote control.

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