Manage Automated Attendant settings for VoiceEdge Select (video)

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An Automated Attendant ensures that incoming calls receive prompt, consistent and professional treatment. Customers route themselves via menu prompts directly to the specific information or department they seek. Automated Attendants can provide information frequently asked for, such as hours of operation, daily specials, announcements or detailed directions to your location.

Note: One Automated Attendant is included with your VoiceEdge Select service. This feature may not be available in all areas.

The following content is only applicable to VoiceEdge Select customers. If you are a Business VoiceEdge customer, please refer to Manage your Automated Attendant settings for Business VoiceEdge.

Manage Automated Attendants

  1. Sign in to My Account and select Phone from the Services dropdown.

    Note: Only a Primary Manager can edit Automated Attendant settings.

  2. Expand the Account menu and select Automated Attendant.

  3. Select the Expand icon next to Keypad settings to view the Keypad settings of a specific Automated Attendant.

  4. Select Business hours or After hours to create or view different keypad settings for that Automated Attendant.

  5. Select Manage Automated Attendant and then select the Pencil icon to change the settings.

  6. Make selections for the following details and then select the Checkmark to confirm:

    Automated Attendant name - Identify your Automated Attendant.

    Time zone - Set the time zone for your business.

    Time Schedule - Determine when your Automated Attendant will function. All day every day is the default option, but any saved schedules will also display in the dropdown.

    Holiday Schedule - Provides coverage for any changes to your regular time schedule. Holiday schedules are prioritized over time schedules.

    Dial By Name - Allows callers to dial the corresponding keys of a user's name in order to reach their direct number. Choose between a user's last name or first and last name.

    First-level extension dialing during business hours - Allows callers to dial an extension at any time to bypass the Automated Attendant during business hours.

    First-level extension dialing during after hours - Allows callers to dial an extension at any time to bypass the Automated Attendant after business hours.

  7. Select Manage Call Forwarding Selective.

  8. Turn the Call Forwarding Selective feature On or Off.

    Note: Call Forwarding Selective cannot be enabled unless there is at least one active Call Forwarding Selective rule created.

  9. Select the Pencil icon to enter the Default forwarding phone number or extension to forward the incoming calls and select the Checkbox to enable the Play ring reminder when call is forwarded option. Select the Checkmark to confirm.

  10. Select Add rule to create a new Call Forwarding Selective rule.

  11. Enter the Rule details. Under Call types, select All phone number to forward any caller or enter Selected phone numbers. Select Save when you are finished.

  12. Select Save to return to the Automated Attendant screen.

Update Business Hours or After Hours

  1. Navigate to the Manage Automated Attendant screen and select the attendant you want to update.

  2. Select Add new key to create a new keypad option.

  3. Select one or multiple numbers from the keypad and select Add key(s).

  4. Make selections for the Routing action and Phone number or extension.

  5. To change a keypad menu selection, navigate to the keypad number and edit the Routing action and Phone number or extension.

    Select Change Key if you need to make a different keypad selection.

  6. When you are finished updating your Automated Attendant, select Save & Continue. You can record or upload your greeting to pair with your Automated Attendant.

  7. Select Save when you are finished with your greeting.


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