Set up and manage Business Voice features online (video)

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Manage your Comcast Business Voice features online. Sign in to My Account and select Phone from the Services menu.


If you are redirected to another website, please sign in using the appropriate information to access these features.

Note: Not all features listed below are available in all areas.

Business Voice features

Call Forwarding

Activate or deactivate a variety of call forwarding features including Call Forwarding Always, Call Forwarding Selective, Call Forwarding Busy and Call Forwarding Not Reachable.

Call History

View the details of your received, missed and dialed calls. You can also use sort and filter parameters and download records in a variety of formats.

Caller ID

Activate or deactivate internal and external Caller ID.

Call Privacy

Activate, deactivate and edit privacy settings for Anonymous Call Rejection, Call Waiting, Caller ID Block, Do Not Disturb and Selective Call Rejection.

Priority Alert

Maintain up to 12 directory numbers on a Priority Alert list to alert you when these numbers call.

Speed Dial

View, add, edit and delete entries to your speed dial contact list.


Play back and download voicemail messages, manage greetings, set up email notifications and reset voicemail PIN or password.

Business Voice Mobility line features

A Comcast Business Voice Mobility line is for business people who want the convenience of landline phone service without being tied to a desk phone. With a Business Voice Mobility line, business phone calls can be made or received within the office or any remote location. The Mobility line is ideal for small businesses with employees who are on the go and need to be reached anytime, anywhere.

Note: Access to these features requires the purchase of a Business Voice Mobility line. For more information, contact a Business sales representative at 1-800-391-3000. Mobility lines are not available in all areas.

Be Anywhere

Make and receive calls from any phone or mobile device at any location. For more information, please read Set up Be Anywhere on your Business Voice Mobility line.

Call Notify

Send an email notification with the caller’s name and number when the call matches pre-defined criteria such as phone number, time of day or day of week. For more information, please read Set up Call Notify on your Business Voice Mobility line.

Music On Hold

Play music when the caller is on hold or the call is parked. For more information, please read Set up Music on Hold your Business Voice Mobility line.

Simultaneous Ring

Configure up to 10 phone numbers to ring at the same time as your primary phone number. For more information, please read Set up Simultaneous Ring on your Business Voice Mobility line.

Sequential Ring

Configure a “find me” list of 5 phone numbers that will be alerted sequentially when you receive an incoming call. For more information, please read Set up Sequential Ring on your Business Voice Mobility line.

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