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Business Voice offers up to four Hunt Groups with a Sequential ring pattern. A Hunt Group allows a caller to automatically connect with an available user. When a caller tries to reach a user with “Hunt on any user” enabled, the phone will ring for a set amount of times and will then circulate through the user list until either an available user is found, or the end of the list is reached. After reaching the end of the list, you can choose if the call will go to voicemail or to another phone number. If “Hunt on any user” is turned off, a hunt will only begin if the top-listed user’s phone is called.

Note: This feature may not be available in all areas.

The following content is only applicable to Business Voice customers. If you are a Business VoiceEdge Select customer, please refer Manage Hunt Group settings for VoiceEdge Select. If you are a Business VoiceEdge customer, please refer to Edit your Hunt Group settings for Business VoiceEdge.

Access Hunt Groups

  1. Sign in to My Account and select Phone from the Manage Services dropdown.

    ​​​​Note: Only a Primary Manager can edit Hunt Group settings.

  2. Expand the Account menu and select Hunt Group.

Add a Hunt Group

  1. Select Add Hunt Group.

  2. Select Manage.

  3. Select Edit to modify the Hunt Group settings.

  4. Enter the following Hunt Group details and select Save to confirm:

    Hunt Group name - Identify which Hunt Group you are using.

    Time zone - Select the time zone.

  5. Select Assign users.

  6. Select the users and select Assign user(s). Then select Save.

  7. Turn Call flow settings On or Off. Select Close.

Manage Hunt Group settings

To edit existing Hunt Group settings, select Manage for the Hunt Group you want to modify.

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