Customized caller ID overview

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If your business has multiple telephone numbers but you prefer to direct all incoming calls to a single number, the customized caller ID feature allows you to change the default caller ID display number to have all outbound calls appear as if they have originated from one telephone number.

You may select any telephone number on your account as the customized caller ID display number. Once you have selected a display number, you are then able to select additional telephone numbers on your account to display the customized display number. To set up customized caller ID on your account, contact Business Customer Support at 1-800-391-3000.

Note: Please be advised that external telephone numbers and toll-free numbers cannot be supported as customized caller ID display numbers at this time. Also, customized caller ID does not change the caller ID display name. If you wish to change the caller ID display name, contact Comcast Business Support.

Customized caller ID and E-911

Customized caller ID does not interfere with E-911 display information. When calling 911, the actual telephone number and address from which you are calling will display for the 911 operator.

Customized caller ID and voicemail

If you choose a customized display number for a telephone number with voicemail, you will be unable to utilize the *99 feature to retrieve your voicemail. You can access your voicemail via the Internet or dial your 10-digit voicemail access number. If you do not have your voicemail access number, please contact Business Customer Support at 1-800-391-3000.


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