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Important Note: Effective January 1, 2019, all new and some existing Voice customers (including Business Voice, VoiceEdge Select, Business VoiceEdge and PRI and SIP Trunks) will see a “Directory Listing Management Fee” of $2.00 per month for our management of the directory listing for your primary line(s). This fee applies regardless if you select the published, non-published or non-listed option(s). The Directory Listing Management Fee will replace the Non-Published Listing Fee and the Non-Listed Number Fee currently charged for non-published or non-listed numbers. Charges for other listing options, including additional listings, foreign listings and change fees, will remain the same.

Remaining existing customers will see changes to the current fee structure on billing statements throughout 2019. You will receive a bill message prior to the changes being implemented.

Learn more about your Comcast Business Voice directory listing.

Directory listings options

A directory listing is the placement of your business name, address, and phone number in one or more telephone directories, as well as in directory assistance (411). 

You have three directory listing options:

  • Published: Your business listing will be made available to publishers. Over 100 publishers choose Comcast Business listings for inclusion in print or online directories. 
    You will receive one free listing for your primary line, unless you opt for another option below. Additional published listings are available for an additional charge. 

  • Non-Published: Your business will not be listed in any directories or directory assistance. This option is available for an additional charge. 

  • Non-Listed: Your business will not be listed in the local directory, but will be listed with directory assistance. This option is available for an additional charge. 


Common questions

How can I review, edit, add, or remove a business listing?  Contact Comcast Business Support at 1-800-391-3000 to review, edit, add, or remove a business listing.

Your business can be listed only at the address where your business is located.  

Please note: Comcast Business Support will update your listing in the Comcast database. Publishers have access to the real time database and determine the timing and content of their directory releases.
How do I know if a publisher will print my listing?  We make our listings available to all publishers that request the listings, but are not able to provide a list of which publishers will print each listing. 

Publishers may review our carrier website for information on how to request the listings. 

If your company requires a guarantee that your listing will appear in a particular publisher, we recommend contacting the publisher directly.
When will my listing be printed?  Please contact the specific publisher for its next publishing date. The directories are typically printed once a year. 
How does my listing get included in directory assistance?  All published and non-listed business listings will be included in the largest directory assistance database, LSSI. 

Comcast does not provide your business listing to third-party 411 websites and cannot update your online 411 listing. Please contact the website directly for additional information on their updating processes.
How can I add or change an existing yellow pages advertisement?  Contact your yellow pages provider directly. At this time, Comcast does not provide this service. 
How can I get my toll-free number listed?  Contact your local telephone directory publisher to add your toll-free number(s) to your listing.
At this time, we do not support listings for toll-free numbers.
What change did Comcast make and how does it affect me? Comcast used to provide business listings to several carriers. Those carriers provided the listings to the publishers. 

Comcast will now maintain business listings in a central database. Publishers can reference this database and see your latest information. 


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