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Use Business VoiceEdge Audio Conferencing

Updated 12/8/2017 2:01:00 AM by Comcast Expert


The Business VoiceEdge audio conferencing feature allows you to set up a conference directly from the VoiceEdge Companion. Download the Audio Conferencing companion app from the Cloud Solutions home page to enable this feature. Learn how to invite participants to a conference and conduct a conference from any phone.

Invite participants to a conference

  1. Select Audio Conferencing.

  2. Select Share Conference Link to copy the dial-in information to send to participants. Recipients click the link to join the conference.

Conduct a conference

  1. In Audio Conferencing, select Start Conference.

  2. Select the phone to conduct the conference. When the selected phone rings, pick it up to start the conference. 

  3. Select Participants to view the people on the conference.

  4. Turn the Mute/Unmute icon On or Off for each participant. Select the Down Arrow to return to the previous page.

    Note: Users can press *6 on their phone to unmute themselves.

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