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In an effort to continuously improve the customer experience for all our products and offerings, customers can upgrade their service with our Comcast Business VoiceEdge (BVE) Platform. As a result, they will have access to our latest self-service tools in the VoiceEdge Tech Portal, which is used to manage all end-user profiles, feature settings and group settings (for example, Hunt Group and Auto Attendant). In addition, customers can now call 1-877-761-7401 anytime to get support for all services. The upgrade will not result in any changes to current pricing.
If you have been contacted about this mandatory upgrade, be advised that it will involve a short service interruption and will result in a change to your current bill cycle.

Prepare for this change

  1. Please complete the Comcast Letter of Agency (LOA) form to migrate your existing telephone numbers. If you have Toll-free numbers, you also will need to complete a Responsible Organization (RESPORG) form.

  2. We will work with you to schedule a date and time for the equipment upgrade that works for your business and advise you of your new billing cycle. A Comcast Business technician will arrive on-site to install, test and move your existing BVE numbers to the new equipment.

  3. Ensure your IT contact and/or your phone vendor will be available on-site or via phone during this transition.

Will my BVE service work differently?
Yes, this change will modify some of the features of your BVE service. In particular, you will have a new, user-friendly portal for technical administrators and your end-users will need to download a new version of the free Telephony Toolbar if your business uses this application. You will also have access to a few additional features such as a voicemail-only mailbox for directions or announcements. We will work with you and your teams to inform you about training opportunities for the upgraded BVE functionality.

Is there a cost associated with this change?
There will be no charge for making this upgrade to the Comcast Business network and billing platform.

Why is this change happening?
This change is being implemented to provide you with access to our latest self-service tools in the Business VoiceEdge Tech Portal, which is used to manage all end-user profiles, feature settings and group settings (for example, Hunt Group and Auto Attendant). In addition, you will now receive one billing statement for both your BVE and Ethernet services. For your support needs, you can now simply dial 1-877-761-7401 to contact us 24/7.
Will there be any loss of service during this upgrade?
Yes. However, we will do our best to minimize the downtime and your assigned Comcast Business representative will schedule the migration on a date and time that is convenient for your business.

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