Handset buttons and display for Panasonic TPA65 wireless desktop phone for Business VoiceEdge

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This article will cover the basic buttons, keys and display icons on your wireless desktop phone.

Buttons and keys on the wireless desktop phone

1. Display - Find the status of your calls and complete other functions.

2. Softkeys - Access the different features that appear on the display screen, like phone book, transfer and menu.

3. Enter - Choose the option you have selected.

4. Navigation Arrows - Move through the display and select information.

5. Cancel - Terminate a call while on an active call.

6. Conference - Initiate a three-way conference call while on an active call.

7. Transfer - Transfer a call to another person while on an active call.

8. Hold - Place a call on hold while on an active call.

9. Line - Seize a line to make or receive a call.

10. Speakerphone - Answer the phone or put a phone call on speaker.

11. Volume Keys - Change the ringer volume or change the call volume while on an active call.

12. Mute - Mute an active call.

13. Redial - Redial the last phone number that was dialed.

14. Messages - Retrieve voicemail messages. Place a call on hold and retrieve it when you are on an active call.

15. Function - Access various actions and functions related to your phone.

Display on the wireless desktop phone

1. Signal Strength - Determine the strength of the wireless signal. If you have areas of your space where this signal is weak, you may need to install a wireless repeater to strengthen the signal.

2. Off-hook status - Indicates whether the phone is on or off hook. For example, if you are on a call this icon will not be displayed.

3. Intercom Indicator - Indicates when the phone is on an active intercom call.

4. Message indicator - Indicates when there is new Voicemail message.

5. Navigator Key Guidance - Indicates the navigation arrows that are being used while using the phone.

6. Ringer status - Indicates whether the ringer is on and at what volume it is set at.

7. Auto-Answer - Indicates when the auto-answer feature turned on.

8. Call Forwarding Status - Indicates when Call Forwarding is turned on.

9. The Right Softkey - Show the outgoing call status, display last numbers dialed and perform a transfer or go to the next softkey.

10. The Middle Softkey - This softkey contains the Menu button which allows access to change settings like ring tone, ringer volume handset registration, etc. It also allows you to make a call, turn the ringer off or enter OK to complete an operation depending on your call status.

11. The Left Softkey - This softkey represents the phone book when your phone is idle, which is your list of saved numbers. It may also be the Conference call button, mute or answer softkey depending on your call status.

12. The Do Not Disturb - Indicates when Do Not Disturb is turned on.

13. Handset Registration status - Indicates which phone you are using, for instance, you can have up to 8 phones associated with a base unit and this phone is #1, the others will be numbered 2 through 8.

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