Manage Busy Lamp Field settings for Business VoiceEdge

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The Busy Lamp Field feature allows you to view when others are on the phone. Assign users to the feature and a light next to their name on your Polycom phone or Receptionist Console will indicate if they are on the line or not. 

Your ability to view user activity may be limited depending on your equipment (maximum of 25 users per account, regardless of your equipment configuration):

  • VVX310/311 – Limit of 5

  • VVX410/411 – Limit of 11

  • VVX500/501 – Limit of 11

  • VVX600/601 – Limit of 15

  • Sidecar Attachment – Limit of 25


Access and enable Busy Lamp Field settings

  1. Sign in to My Account and select Business VoiceEdge User from the Services menu.

  2. Expand the Advanced Settings section and select Busy Lamp Field.

  3. Turn Busy Lamp Field settings On or Off.


Add a Busy Lamp Field user

  1. Select Assign user(s)

  2. Select the Checkbox next to the name of the user and select Assign user(s)


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