Manage Call Queue settings for Business VoiceEdge

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This feature allows you to set up a basic call queue for your business, with incoming calls distributed among a group of employees. If all employees are busy, calls will be queued until someone becomes available. 


Access Call Queue settings

  1. Sign in to My Account and select Business VoiceEdge Manager from the Services menu. 

  2. Select Call Queue.


Access call flow

  1. Select the Expand icon if you want to view Call flow settings and select Manage Call Queue


  2. Select the Pencil icon to edit your Call Queue settings.


  3. Make selections for all fields and then select the Checkmark.

Edit Entrance Greeting settings

  1. Select Manage greetings and messages


  2. Turn the Entrance Greeting feature On or Off and select the Pencil icon.


  3. Choose Standard or Custom. If you choose Custom, you will need to record a new greeting or upload an existing file.

Record greeting

  1. Select Record Your Greeting


  2. Select Begin recording, then Stop recording.


  3. Select Play to listen to the recording. Select Record again or Save recording. Recordings will be saved to the cloud.


  4. Select Upload Your Recording to upload your new greeting. Upload a file and then select the Checkmark.

    Files must be in the .wav format and 5Mb or less.

Edit Comfort Message settings

  1. Turn the Comfort Message feature On or Off. Select the Pencil icon to edit the message recording. 


  2. Refer to the Record Your Greeting section for directions on recording a greeting.


  3. Make a selection for Time Between Messages and select the Checkmark to confirm.

Manage Call Queue ring pattern

  1. Select Manage Call Queue ring pattern


  3. Make a selection for Manage Call Queue Ring Pattern and select Save.


Add or manage Call Queue users

  1. Select Manage Call Queue users.  


  2. Select a distribution percentage for each user. Select Assign user(s) to add a user, make selections and select Save.

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